Rules and Terms

GENERAL REGULATIONS (per 1st October 2017)


SCENECS is an annual international film festival for new film and documentary makers. The aim of SCENECS is to give future professionals the room needed for further development of their starting film careers. During the festival film talent, film culture and film production climate is stimulated and supported by the organization. This is being achieved through educational activities, debates, network activities and the Grand Gala Award Ceremony, where the new makers are being awarded. 


1. Enrollment is only possible via the appropriate registration form available at FilmFreeway. The registration form can be found on and needs to be filled in completely and signed by the copyright owner of the entered production(s). For the submission stills are required. This is an obligatory application demand. The maker is familiar with the conditions (available on that safeguard the festival from claims from third parties. The sender is liable for all damages occurring from such a claim.
2. Annual enrollment is possible from 13th of October 2017 until 15th of January 2018. On behalf of the program, exhibition copies of the productions should be entered and available at the latest on the 1st of April 2018 in DCP.
3. A maximum of 2 productions is allowed per producer or director. Each production needs to be separately entered. All productions must be presented by an online (secure) screener (preferably VIMEO or Youtube). If the screener is not available on FilmFreeway it must be sent to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken..
4. Participants don't need to be resident in the Netherlands.
5. All productions must be spoken in the English language and/or be subtitled in the English language. The productions must fulfill the minimum of technical performance demands (e.g. sound and picture on a professional bearer and foreseen of a high picture quality.
6A. The productions in the categories short fiction (shorter than 15 minutes), fiction (more than 15 minutes) and documentary can compete in the SCENECS competition for the debut film. For all categories only the first and second public production of a director/producer is admissible. The productions may not be older than 3 years, calculated from the festival opening night. 
When a production doesn't meet the above mentioned criteria, the film can still be entered for a showing, but it is required to notify the organization, before submitting the production. For example, established makers can, by showing their work, inspire new professionals to stimulate discussions encouraging the creative process. Both parties profit from such exchanges.

Definition Short Fiction 

Productions where inventive elements are used whereby a new reality is created in comparison to the world around us, playing with time, space and thought. This new reality must be shown in a manner that is credible to the spectator. The maximum duration of a short fiction is 15 minutes.

Definition Fiction 

Productions where inventive elements are used whereby a new reality is created in comparison to the world around us, playing with time, space and thought. This new reality must be so shown in a manner that is credible to the spectator. The minimum duration of a fiction film is 15 minutes.

Definition Documentary 

A production resting on documentation and facts where the subject is given a new dimension through the personal interpretation of the director/maker.

6B. For productions in all categories not being a first or second public production, but being a student production, made in a school/college environment (with exception of graduation films) a special talent category is applicable. For more information about the talent category please contact Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.. Graduation films are applicable in the regular competition.
7. Even though it is the intention to allow everything and everyone into the program (open curtain), the organization reserves the right to refuse certain productions on technical or content grounds.
8. The organization shall do everything possible to show the productions to the public in the most optimal way, but cannot be held responsible for technical mishaps.
9. All productions produced within the last three years are admissible. Productions older than three years cannot take part in the competition, but can be programmed for showing during the Panorama Program.
10. The applicant receives a confirmation. The entered production is not registered if you did not receive a confirmation. The applicant is also responsible for collecting of his or her production. This can be done during the festival at the information desk or after the festival at the SCENECS office in Hilversum. Any costs for collecting and/or sending production (screening copies, DCP etc.) are for the participant. The organization cannot be held liable for costs, loss and/or damage of the production.


11A. The submission deadlines are divided into 3 sub deadlines. Some of the deadlines has extra advantages and different fees.

• Early bird: 1st of December 2017 has no fee. 

• Regular deadline: 1st of January 2018 has a fee of €10,- or $12. 

• Extended deadline: 15th January 2018 has a fee of €30,- or $35.
11B. When a fee is applicable, the fee must be paid via FilmFreeway. When the fee is not paid the production will be disqualified.

Supplementary Conditions
12. The organization composes the program and show without participant participation.
13. The participants or their representatives are available during the festival and presentation of prizes to show themselves to the public and to personally receive their prizes.
14. The participants agree to the allowing of partial transmissions/publications and/or the whole (and repetitions) of the entered productions via various media, such as television, newspapers, internet to enhance the promotion of the programming of the film festival. This includes the use of the production for other events and/or side event, then the program of the festival itself but always in collaboration with the festival.
15. The organization is not responsible for (the production-) dispatches or transport. The correctly labelled entries must be sent before 1st of December (early bird), 1st of January (regular deadline with fee) and 15th of January (extended deadline with fee). The screening copies must be sent before 7th of January. On delivery, acknowledgement of receipt is afforded to sender. During the festival, the entered productions can be collected at the information desk and later at the head office of SCENECS. The organization is not responsible for damage to the entries during transportation or showing.
16. The sent accompanying material (photos, playbills etc.) that are made available to the festival need to be free of copyrights so that they can eventually be transferred to a third party (e.g.) the press. The promotion material and the preview DVD's/screeners are not returned to the sender unless an agreement has been made.

Competition and prizes
17. Participants of SCENECS have the chance of a prize which can refer to the competition. An independent jury decides who is awarded the prize for the best production in the various categories. The result is irrevocable and cannot be corresponded about.
18. On the basis of the jury regulations, the judgment is requested from an independent jury consisting of at least three members. The jury shall take into consideration the personal and artistic, but also the craftsmanship and the accessibility for a medium to large public.
19. The prizes are intended for the copyright owner of the productions and are to be personally received during the prize presentation. If the participant or his representative is not present at the presentation, the right of claiming the prize will lapse! 
In General
20. Participation in the festival SCENECS implies acceptance, without restrictions of the regulations and interim decisions of the management of SCENECS. The management also decides in cases not provided for in the regulations. Use of the festival name and logo is only allowed with the written permission of the management of SCENECS. 
Apart from this general regulation, the jury regulation is also available via

Right of alteration is reserved.